The Only Game in the Galaxy

The Only Game in the Galaxy, book #3 in The Maximus Black Files.

In a galaxy of cutthroat companies, shadowy clans and a million agendas, spy agency RIM barely wields enough control to keep order. Maximus Black is RIM’s star cadet. But he has a problem. One of RIM’s best agents, Anneke Longshadow, knows there’s a mole in the organisation. And Maximus has a lot to hide.

Prankster's Club

There’s nothing worse than being the nerd at school. It’s even worse if you’re at a school whose sole aim in life is to produce athletes.

Enter The Pranksters’ Club.

The Beckoning

The Beckoning is my first adult novel. It has been published in the U.S. by Damnation Books/Eternal Press.


The Lucy books are part of Macmillan's "Legends in Their Own Lunchbox" series.

Dyson's Drop

Dyson's Drop, book #2 in the Maximus Black Files.

The Spell of Undoing

The Spell of Undoing, book #1 in the new Quentaris Chronicles -- Quest of the Lost City

Wardragon, Book #4 in The Jelindel Chronicles
The Glasshouse
The Glasshouse, illustrated by Jo Thompson
Mole Hunt


Mole Hunt, book #1 in The Maximus Black Files

Morgassa's Folly
Book #3 in The World of Grrym in collaboration with Danny Willis.
'Non-stop action plus outrageous adventure. Toby Chrysler delivers.' David Metzenthen.

The first novel in The Jelindel Chronicles.

“His pace and action always keeps you on the edge of your seat.” Sean McMullen

“This is the sort of book you wish really was a never-ending story.” Isobelle Carmody on Dragonlinks.

The seguel to Dragonlinks and the second novel in The Jelindel Chronicles.

“Share the journey on the Dragonfang. The ride is exhilarating.” Brian Caswell.

Sequel to Dragonfang and the third book in The Jelindel Chronicles

“A terrific page-turner, crammed full of action, intrigue and lashings of magic.” Ian Irvine on Dragonsight.

Slaves of Quentaris

The Quentaris Chronicles are well worth recommending to readers in upper primary and junior secondary schools who are hooked by Emily Rodda’s Deltora Quest.” Joy Lawn reviewing Slaves of Quentaris in Viewpoint.

Dragon Lords of Quentaris

Dragonlords of Quentaris is permeated with the humorous and inquisitive wit of Paul Collins.” RS, Magpies.

Swords of Quentaris

“. . . Swords of Quentaris is breathless and highly evocative of the fabled city and its inhabitants.” Fran Knight, Fiction Focus.

Princess of Shadows

Paul's fourth Quentaris contribution

“Aside from the wonderful main character this is the sort of book that is impossible to put down unless you want to suffer from nervous tension.” Olive Rish on Princess of Shadows, Educare News.


Sneila is ‘aliens’ spelt backwards. The tag is perfect for the gang, since Tinsdale is a weird town where totally bizarre things happen on an almost weekly basis. Aliens attack, houses are haunted, ghosts visit the living, weird technology gets tested there. The town is fashioned on The Bermuda Triangle.

This provides the greatest playground of all – a town where various genres come together: paranormal, ghost, horror, science fiction and even fantasy!

Other books in the Sneila sequence include: The Dog King, The Great Ferret Race, and The Cyberkids trilogy.

Zac's Back

ZAC is an angel. Truly! He'd do anything for his mum. Until the day of the fire when he burns down their house... that's as bad as it gets. Almost. Now Zac is back! He's stuck on Earth, haunting the house till he makes up for his actions with a good deed. Trouble is, Zac's not even sure he wants to leave. Why should he? After all, spooking people is so much fun!!!.

This is Paul’s biggest break to date into the American market. TOR Books (US) published The Earthborn in hardcover, and in paperback in their Starscape series. Pan Macmillan is the distributor in Australia.

Praise for The Earthborn, Book One in The Earthborn Wars:

“Move over Ebola -- the cesspool of life has a new super virus.” Glyn Parry

“ ... worthy of sitting on the same shelf with early Heinlein and Norton.” Don D'Ammassa, SF Chronicle.

 “Very Highly Recommended. Reminiscent of early Heinlein.” Harriet Klausner

“In the tradition of a Heinlein juvenile ...” Interzone.

“Quite possibly the best SF that I have read in a long time ... I really loved this book. It is like a cross between Return of the Jedi and Lord of the Flies. I insist that if you read only one science fiction book in your life, read The Earthborn.” Donna Jones, SF Crowsnest.

“... moves along at break-neck speed ... Thoroughly recommended.” Olive Rish, Educare News.

“This is a book which can be read on a number of levels . . . here’s hoping that a sequel is not long in coming.” Viewpoint.

“This is a worthy edition to a school library collection.” Fiction Focus.

“. . . fast-paced narrative and believable young characters . . .” The Canberra Times.

“. . . [this] post-post holocaust novel is well-written and discusses some interesting concepts.” Reading Time.

“Far-future adventure and excitement, science fiction as it ought to be.” Sean McMullen

“It’s good, what more can I say!” Lesley Mazey, Eternal Night.

“Collins ... successfully puts his stamp on the post-disaster genre with this energetic, colorfully detailed young adult actioner.” Rob Jan, Zero G.

The second in The Earthborn Wars series.

Praise of the sequel, The Skyborn:

The Skyborn is a futuristic thriller that keeps the reader involved with a suspense-filled plot that always leaves you guessing ... 10 out of 10.” Flamingnet Book Blog.

The Skyborn is an enjoyable example of the young adult SF genre, and there’s often a sense of watching an engrossing movie.” Viewpoint.

“It’s a fast-paced, gritty tale that showcases what can happen when hatred and prejudice go unchecked.” Steven Powers, The Dallas Morning News.

“Just like its predecessor, The Skyborn is jam-packed with immersive action sequences that skip across a wonderfully-detailed post-apocalyptic landscape that thankfully maintains the same Armageddon-like Lord of the Flies feeling. SF Signal.

Book three in The Earthborn Wars series.

'At last, science fiction that would be competitive with that written by the masters of 30 to 40 years ago'. Heartland Reviews, US.

'The Hiveborn is an exciting science fiction adventure ... (a) fast-paced saga of conflict. Also highly recommended are the previous volumes of The Earthborn Wars series, The Earthborn and The Skyborn'. Paul T. Vogel, Midwest Book Review, US.

Cover Design 1

Heyne Verlag has published Cyberskin in Germany. It will also be published by e-publisher Cyberskin has gathered many impressive reviews. The following are just some of them:

"Cyberskin is way cool: this is cyber-streetsmart fiction that zooms along at the speed of light. This is tough, incisive thriller fiction."
- Van Ikin, Sydney Morning Herald.

Cover Design 2

"Paul Collins' Cyberskin makes Bladerunner seem positively emaciated. Hard driving cyberpunk novel with a filmnoir backdrop".
- Colin Steele, The Canberra Times.

"Paul Collins has successfully created an apocalyptic action-packed nightmare, escalating some of our worst present day fears into the not so distant future."
- Nita Kambouris, Australian Book Review.

"Cyberskin is strangely compelling and enjoyable contemporary science fiction, built around an off-kilter view of a world we may already inhabit."
- Michael Shuttleworth, The Sunday Age.


Cover Design 3

Praise for Cyberskin:

“Paul Collins has successfully created an apocalyptic action-packed nightmare, escalating some of our worst present day fears into the not so distant future.” Nita Kambouris,  Australian Book Review.

Cyberskin is strangely compelling and enjoyable contemporary science fiction, built around an off-kilter view of a world we may already inhabit.” Michael Shuttleworth, The Sunday Age.

“… Paul Collins deserves the title of ‘Father of Contemporary Australian Genre Fiction … Cyberskin has a wicked satirical setting … it’s a blazingly-paced techno-noir adventure.” Robert Jan, Zero G, 3RRR.

Cyberskin is a highly creative─albeit at times disturbing─adventure that draws in the reader.” Corinne Hotchkin, The Gazette.

“Action-packed, hard-edged and exciting, this is Travis McGee in cyberspace all the way.” Terry Dowling.

“It’s got it all. Good plot, interesting characters and a morbidly fascinating setting. I’d certainly recommend it.” George Ivanoff, Frontier.

Cyberskin is a great read. It’s all those things other reviewers have said about it … Slick… inventive… hard-edged… disturbing… morbidly fascinating … a blazingly-paced techno-noir adventure.” Peter McNamara on radio

Cyberskin is way cool: this is cyber-streetsmart fiction that zooms along at the speed of light. This is tough, incisive thriller fiction.” Van Ikin, Sydney Morning Herald.

“Paul Collins’ Cyberskin makes Bladerunner seem positively emaciated. Hard-driving cyberpunk novel with a film noir backdrop”. Colin Steele, The Canberra Times.

“... snappy dialogue and plenty of action.” Stefen Brazulaitis on Sneila, AB&P
The Great Ferret race

"Let's get something straight. Kazuo didn't mean to cheat on the day of The Great Ferret Race. It just happened.

You see someone else doing something, so you figure it's okay to do it too. You try to blend in. Kazuo never blends in though. He's always been the nerd - the one most kids won't be seen dead with at school.

While gearing up for the Great Ferret Race, Kazuo's beloved ferret, Ferbie, meets his end. Kazuo is distraught. His worried parents give him two new ferrets, Ruff and Tumble, and Kazuo begins training them for the race instead..."

Published by Lothian as part of the Takeaways series.

The Dog King.

Keiren is a loner who longs for a dog - one that can win the annual dog show hurdle race and show Keiren's arch-enemy a thing or two. When Jack Ellis turns up at Keiren's mother's boarding house, he befriends the boy and tells him some ripping yarns about dogs that recall the classic Australian stories Henry Lawson used to tell. Although Jack mysteriously disappears, it looks as though Keiren's dream will come true.

METAWORLDS was Paul's second major anthology (the first being SF aus Australien published by Goldmann in Germany. Metaworlds contains twelve stories by Australia's top SF writers: George Turner, Greg Egan, Damien Broderick, Sean McMullen and others. Paul considers it the turning point in his career.

"Collins' anthology is excellent value for libraries and readers seeking out the best of contemporary Australian SF."-
- New Librarian, Colin Steele.

"This anthology's diversity and humanitarianism are a genuine revelation."
-- Australian Bookseller & Publisher, Jeff Apter.

"Here it is, a blessing from the masters... had me up until three in the morning."
-- Piffle and Other Trivia.

"I was overwhelmed, totally captured by these elegant tales of possible futures."
-- Nucleus, Carolyn Simpson.

"Metaworlds is a collection of some of the finest SF written in the past few years."
-- Sunday Age.

"Paul Collins has long produced very handy collections of Australian SF as an independent publisher. Metaworlds is a valuable addition to the library of any Australian SF collector."
-- Gegenschein Eric Lindsay.

Strange Fruit

STRANGE FRUIT was Paul's second anthology with Penguin. It was a departure from Paul's SF & F anthologies, in that it was more dark horror, and the emphasis was on mainstream authors like Garry Disher and Nancy Cato, and introduced to a wider audience local horror writers: Rick Kennett, Robert Hood, Steven Paulsen and others.

"With this collection, reading one story will only entice you - despite yourself - to continue on to the next."
-- Law Institute Journal, Liora Branicki.

" outstanding anthology of the decidedly unexpected."
-- Sirius, Colin Steele.

Out of this World

If you could have anything in this world, what would it be? Truckloads of lollies? A computer? Your own kid-sized Ferrari? All 'Skid' Marx wanted was a dad. No one was more surprised than Skid when his dream came true. Or did it?

Castle Rock.

I'm the new kid on the block. And our house just happens to be next door to Lee Brookes, natural-born bully. My mum wants me to make friends with him. So I try...


The Knockout

Lee Brookes couldn't possibly beat Ming Siou Loong. He just couldn't. Ming was the best virtualgram fighter in town - the Chinese Dragon. And besides, Dom wanted to beat her himself. But to take a crack at Ming, Dom must first beat Lee Brookes. And if Dom wins, Lee will beat him up for real. Dom gets his chance. But where will he get a fighter who can tackle muay thai, kung fu and taekwon do? A fighter good enough to beat Lee Brookes, and maybe even the Chinese Dragon!

Cyberkids 2:

The Great Escape

Dominic Ciccone had knocked out Lee Brookes in the second round with a virtualgram gymnast in leotards! Suddenly, Dom was the most popular kid in town. But then he challenges the local champion - Ming Siou Loong.And he steals his sister's virtualgram playstation - on the night of her science project presentation. Dom's popularity is about to take a dive. Dom challenges the Chinese Dragon to a bout of kung fu. But nobody predicts the outcome!

Cyberkids 3:

The Final Countdown

"They're tough at the nationals. Street fighting, no holds barred." Ming Siou wants Dom to join her at the national doubles championships in Sydney. But they'll have to train hard, and Dom's grounded. He also has no money for fares.And that's just for starters. Lee Brookes always threatened to get even with Dom. Seeing his kick boxer thashed by Dom's gymnast had made him even meaner. Now his big chance had come. The gymnast and the dragon would fight in the championships, but not quite in the way Dom and Ming expected!

The Shadow Factory

The time: now. The location: a town near you. The problem: Shadow-stealing! Enter: Daniel Ferguson!How does Daniel track down his stolen shadow? Why does Daniel's dog Blackie get dog-napped?What does Morris Dark do with the shadows he steals? Does Morris get away with it?

Spaced Out!

SPACED OUT! was Paul's first collaboration with children's writer Meredith Costain. It's an SF title for kids aged 8-10. The blurb reads: "The aliens are here! Death stars, storm troopers and intergalactic colonists are invading the Earth. And there's only one person who can stop them. Sam Sitch. Ordinary kid..."

Fantastic Worlds

FANTASTIC WORLDS was Paul's tenth anthology. It includes original fantasy fiction from Paul's usual stable of writers: Sean McMullen, Keith Taylor and Cherry Wilder, and newcomers Garth Nix, Allan Baillie, Brian Caswell, Glyn Parry and others. It was released in April 1998 by HarperCollins.

Dream Weavers

DREAM WEAVERS is Paul's most successful anthology to date. It was a ground-breaking collection of fantasy stories for young adults. ASO purchased a third of its print run before it was printed - 1500 copies were distributed throughout the Queensland education system. It features original stories by Isobelle Carmody, Keith Taylor, Sean McMullen and others. Within a year of its printing, Russell Blackford's story The Sword of God won both the Aurealis Award and the Ditmar Award, and with Beverley Macdonald's story was reprinted in The Year's Best Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy. Paul and Howard Goldsmith's collaboration was reprinted in Heinemann's English Book Three. The cover won Best Cover in the Ditmar Awards.

"The result is a wholly satisfying encounter with a fresh approach to fantastic literature."
Viewpoint, Jane Ponting.

"Dream Weavers is the kind of book you just can't put down." The Mercury, Emily Hopkins.
"A readable, rich collection of original fantasy by some of Australia's leading fantasists."
Australian Book Review Richard Lunn.

"Paul Collins has assembled the cream of this genre...reaffirming once again that the creativity and imagination of Australian authors proudly holds it own against the imported variety."
Mythopedia, Catriona Sparks.

"Heroic fantasy from the pens of Australian writers are featured in this wonderful collection."
Reading Time.

"Recommended as a good showcase of current Australian fantastical writing."
Australian SF News, Alan Stewart.

"Paul Collins has been significant in the development of Australian science fiction."
Locus, Charles Brown.