How I learnt to ride a bike
I graduated to a chopper some twelve years later
A bit of posing -- back in my taekwondo and kung fu days
Working the door at a pub with singer Carol Hitchcock
Working as a bouncer with the late Dana Goodson, then Heavyweight Kickboxing Champion of Australia
This is where we live. It's a beautiful bluestone house on almost a quarter acre. Plenty of room to play for our dogs, Jack and Molly, Harriet (the cat), and our three chooks, Sybil, Henrietta, and Agnes
Neil Gaiman (yes, the Neil Gaiman), my good friend Sean McMullen and Peter Nicholls, launching The MUP Encyclopaedia of Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy, 1998
My partner, children's writer, Meredith Costain, and me, circa 1999
Nieces Tamara, Katrina and Rachel. How did my brother and his wife, Wendy, produce such beauties???
Meeting of the Collins boys: L-R, cousins Richard, Tony, me, brother Michael, Uncle Dick, my father, Ernie
Proud recipient of the inaugural Peter McNamara Achievement Award 2002
On tour in Fiji with the Hawthorn Rugby Club, circa 1980. We didn't win a game. Luckily for Hawthorn I retired soon after. I hear they're doing quite well without me.
Finally a publisher takes me out for lunch! Laura Harris, then children's publisher at HarperCollins. Circa 1997
One of my few kickboxing fights at Bob Jones' dojo, Melbourne, circa 1985. That's me on the left, on my way to winning the fight by TKO in 28 seconds. I wasn't always so fortunate!
From the Pirates of Quentaris and The Forgotten Prince launch at the Williamstown Literary Festival.

Left to right: Paul Collins, Sherryl Clark, Meredith Costain and Andy Griffiths.

Running for the Yarra Council in 1999. I missed out by a lousy thirteen primary votes! In support is my good friend, Stewart Clarke

Last but not least, our very excellent dogs, Jack and Molly Heather. Jack's a kelpie/border collie X and Molly Heather's a red heeler
Here's Molly and Jack hard at work. Luckily they get a better reaction from humans!
Ping Our latest addition: Ping, the Pekin duck. Four weeks old and growing rapidly!