Here are some of my latest titles. The plays were published by Pearson and the collections are from Scholastic.

Harry Kruize, Born to Lose

Published by Ford Street Publishing.

Harry’s mum runs a boarding house for transient old men who are down on their luck. To counter his frustration and anger, Harry longs for the companionship of a dog. The Annual Gala at school features a dog hurdle race and more than anything in the world Harry would love to enter a dog into that race and win it. Such a win would give him a sense of worth and belonging.

A new lodger, Jack Ellis, befriends Harry and shares a wealth of outback adventure stories featuring dogs with him.

Rich & Rare

Edited by Paul Collins
A smorgasbord of original stories, poems and art by leading Australian authors, poets and illustrators.A collector of computer games, a knitting needle ninja, a violin that comes to life, a cat with many names, a love that cannot be bought, a prince who finds a friend, an alien invasion …
Welcome to a world of ‘beauty rich and rare’, a world of natural (and unnatural) gifts on every page – from humour to horror, thriller to fantasy – encompassing the past, the present and the future.
Our ‘young and free’ creators include: Michael Gerard Bauer, Gary Crew, Justin D’Ath, Scot Gardner, Kerry Greenwood, Libby Hathorn, Leigh Hobbs, Sofie Laguna, Kirsty Murray, James Roy, Shaun Tan and Gabrielle Wang.

The Guardians

by Paul Collins and Sean McMullen

Calbaras has knowledge that the dragons of Dracondas desperately want. As payment, they are willing to grant him his wish to become the greatest warlock of all time.
But can Calbaras handle this power? Or will it ultimately destroy him?

Voyage to Morticas

by Paul Collins and Sean McMullen

Although Dantar is able to shapeshift into dragon form, he still thinks like a rebellious teenager. His sister Velza has been given the ultimate gift by the dragons of Dracondas – the mind of a dragon. Now they must combine their gifts to stop the most powerful warlock of all time from casting his doomsday spell.

Trial by Dragons

by Paul Collins and Sean McMullen

It’s hard to save the world when you are in jail. Dantar and Velza, children of the warlock Calbaras, need to escape from jails six hundred miles apart to stop their father unleashing a catastrophically dangerous spell. Both will soon learn that they are not just special, they are also very dangerous.

Paul and Sean McMullen have an exciting new fantasy series out called The Warlock's Child! Books one and two, The Burning Sea and Dragonfall Mountain, are out now. The next four will come out in consecutive months until September. Look out for The Iron Claw, Trial by Dragons, Voyage to Morticas and The Guardians. We've had some great reviews. Read samples here, here, and here. Also look at Goodreads and any online booksellers' web pages for great reviews.

Burning Sea

Paul has also been busy publishing other authors' and illustrators' books. Go to for all the latest books he has published at Ford Street Publishing. If you want Paul or another author/illustrator go to your school, library or festival, see availability at This agency doesn't charge a booking fee!!!

Paul has been booked to appear at several festivals in Rockhampton during September. He will also appear at the Ashgrove Secondary School Literature Festival and Marist College (Brisbane) in Book Week (August). He will also present at the 2015 CYA Conference. See here for details:

Paul's latest work is editing another anthology called Rich and Rare -- A collection of Australian stories, poetry and artwork. Sophie Masson has written a foreword for it. Rich and Rare has around 50 contributors including Shaun Tan, Justin D'Ath, Michael Gerard Bauer, Kirsty Murray, Gabrielle Wang, Leigh Hobbs, James Roy and many others. It should be available in October 2015.

The Beckoning The Beckoning and The Only Game in the Galaxy by Paul Collins have been short-listed in the Ditmars.  The Beckoning was also short-listed in The Chronos Awards. Print copies are available within Australia at $19.95 post free by ordering at, or sending a cheque to 2 Ford Street, Clifton Hill, Vic 3068.

Central Queensland Literary Festival

Ford Street and our speakers’ agency, Creative Net, are taking to the road this year – heading up to Rockhampton with Morris Publishing Australia and a bunch of great authors for the Central Queensland Literary Festival (Saturday June 21 – Monday 23). With acclaimed authors such as Leigh Hobbs, Phil Kettle and Peter Carnavas (just to name a few), we will be holding writing workshops and a literary luncheon on the Saturday, and a day-long professional development seminar for teachers, librarians and the literary-minded on the Monday. Contact Elaine Ouston, for more info.

Keeping Books Alive The third annual Keeping Books Alive Seminar will be held on May 30 in association with the Children’s Charity Network. The seminar will inform and inspire primary and secondary school teachers and librarians, municipal librarians, literacy support professionals and those interested in promoting literacy, and feature relevant and entertaining talks from Australia’s leading children’s and YA authors and illustrators – with a keynote address from Gary Crew. Click here for more information.Gary Crew and Deb Abela will be available to give workshops/talks while in Melbourne for Keeping Books Alive. Contact Terrie for details re their availability but be quick!

(Click on the image to enlarge the invitation)

The Beckoning Launch InvitationCatch up with Paul's latest books at Ford Street Publishing. The Beckoning trailer can be seen here.

The Beckoning

The Beckoning

About 30 years ago I wrote a horror novel called Wind Chill. Renamed it Evil Intent. No matter the title change, it didn't sell. Luckily somewhere along the line I converted the typewritten manuscript to digital and kept it on various storage devices (3 1/2" discs, floppies, CDs, USBs, zip drives, etc.) Must've had some hope for it! Regardless, Damnation Books/Eternal Press accepted it recently and it came out today on Amazon. A steal at $5.95! It's my first adult novel. I've always said that this game is all about persistence.

The Only Game in the Galaxy

The Only Game in the Galaxy

The third and final Maximus Black Files came out in September. It’s called The Only Game in the Galaxy. The first review it’s had is here:



I have sold the Lucy series. Macmillan Education is publishing them during 2013 and 2014.

Pranksters Club

The Pranksters’ Club also came out in 2013. 

There’s nothing worse than being the nerd at school. It’s even worse if you’re at a school whose sole aim in life is to produce athletes.

Enter The Pranksters’ Club.


Here's some news from the publishing side of my life:

Ford Street Newsletter September

Ford Street Newsletter August

I’ve started a speakers agency called Creative Net.
Creative Net

I now represent well over 100 children’s authors and illustrators, including Isobelle Carmody, Hazel Edwards, Archie Fusillo, Gabrielle Wang, Sherryl Clark, Meredith Costain, Michael Salmon, Adam Wallace, George Ivanoff, Susanne Gervay, Phil Kettle, Maureen McCarthy and many, many more. Check it out at


Mole Hunt

Another great review for Mole Hunt -- this one from Frances Atkinson as Pick of the Week in The Sunday Age.

It's been a busy couple of years. In my role as publisher at Ford Street Publishing, I've published around sixteen books -- everything from picture books through to young adult books. 

The Glasshouse was chosen by IBBY as an Outstanding Book and was short-listed for the Crichton Award. It's had some stunning reviews. My latest book is Mole Hunt, which at present is being critically acclaimed. Check out the new trailer for it at:

Other Ford Street titles that I've published have been short-listed for the Victorian and NSW Premiers' awards; the Northern Territory Read Award; Chronos Award (winner!); The Wilderness Award and others. German and French rights have been sold to a few books, and as I type this, there's a lot of interest from a French publisher for Mole Hunt.

You can keep up with all that's happening with Ford Street Publishing by joining us on Facebook and Twitter. You'll see the icons on the homepage at:

In the meantime, I've started up a speakers' agency called Creative Net. Librarians and festival organisers can select authors and illustrators from over 50 presenters. Creative Net can be found at I don't charge for this service!

I've been giving workshops in quite a few schools and libraries. This side of my life seems to be getting busier. It's great getting Out There and meeting my audience.

The best news of all is that on June 10 the Australian SF Foundation awarded me the A Bertram Chandler Award for Outstanding Achievement in Australian science fiction.

The Slightly Skewed Life of Toby Chrysler is Paul's latest book from Celapene Press. See the video on youtube: and read a review at:
The book has received a 4-Star review in Bookseller and Publisher. It can be purchased from all good bookshops or direct from the publisher at

"Non-stop action plus outrageous adventure. Toby Chrysler delivers." David Metzenthen

The Slightly Skewed Life of Toby Chrysler, is now out:


Interviewed by Tehani Wessely as part of a spec fic snapshot:
Paul on The Stuff of Legends: writing for fantasy adventure.


Megan Burke’s Literary Life:
Boomerang Books:

The Reading Stack:
and He talks about the process of getting The Slightly Skewed Life of Toby Chrysler into print.
Good Reading:


Kids' Book Review:
Gold Creek:
M/C reviews:

Paul interviewed at Hey! Teenager of the Year:

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Toby Chrysler reviewed at The Book Chook:


This is the Portuguese edition of Dragonlinks, Book #1 in The Jelindel Chronicles.

Life's been hectic. Ford Street Publishing takes up most of Paul's time. He's published eight books this year. One of them, Crossing the Line by Dianne Bates, was short-listed for the NSW Premier's Awards.

Paul has also been a guest at the following festivals: Melbourne Writers' Festival, Brisbane Writers' Festival/CYA Conference, ThinkFest and various schools and libraries. Next year he is a guest at the All Saints Festival in WA and the Ubud Festival in Bali.

Paul's latest book is Morgassa's Folly, book #3 in The World of Grrym trilogy that he wrote in collaboration with Danny Willis. It was released in August 2009.
Cover for the Russian version of Allira's Gift

Trust Me! Launch
by Hazel Edwards
I’ve never been in a mass autographing session for an anthology before. It was fun and efficient, until I signed on the wrong page. Ford Street publisher Paul Collins had organised about 30 of  the 50 anthology contributors which included well known writers, illustrators and poets to do a guest appearance and autographing session for the launch of Trust Me!.
Venue was the State Library at 4.15 sharp, following a conference which attracted primary, secondary and municipal librarians, among other guests.
Short stories are making a comeback, and an anthology of mixed genres, lengths and writers is VERY attractive. Especially when the cover is ‘Cool’  for teens. Isobelle Carmody’s introduction also entices.

P.S. The etiquette of signing is that you do it on the title page, unless there are multiple contributors and then they sign on their own chapters. I signed the name of my story in the table of contents, and a few others followed. Maybe those sigs in unique places will be worth a fortune in years to come, as it’s likely that this collection will be well read.

Trust Me! 
distributed by Macmillan

Edited by Paul Collins with an introduction by Isobelle Carmody

Blockbuster anthology
RRP $22.95
ISBN 978-1-876462-57-4
Publication date: May, 2008

Trust Me! Features 50 contributions by some of Australia’s best known children’s authors, poets and illustrators. Original stories, poems and art cross all genres: mystery, romance, crime, fantasy, SF, humour and more. Contributors include: Andy Griffiths, Shaun Tan, Gary Crew, Phillip Gwynne, Catherine Bateson, Steven Herrick, Allan Baillie, Sofie Laguna, Leigh Hobbs, Marc McBride, James Roy, Mitch Vane, Michael Wagner, Kerry Greenwood, David Metzenthen and many others.


Paul is getting back into publishing. His company is called Ford Street Publishing Pty Ltd and will be an imprint of Hybrid Publishers Pty Ltd.

Visit their site:

Paul has a great line up of authors so far: Isobelle Carmody, Alyssa Brugman, Justin D'Ath, James Roy and Sean McMullen will be writing for Ford Street.

Paul has been busy during 2007. He had fifteen books published by various publishers. A list of the titles can be found on the BOOKS page. Paul will have at least ten books published next year. These include Vampires of Quentaris, the last of the first Quentaris series; Book #2 of The World of Grrym, Lords of Quibbitt, in collaboration with Danny Willis; the first book in the second Quentaris series, The Spell of Undoing; book #4 in The Jelindel Chronicles, Wardragon; an anthology he has edited called Trust Me!, plus several chapter books and graphic novels.

Current and Forthcoming Books

Allira's Gift
Cover © Danny Willis
Lords of Quibbit
Cover © Danny Willis
Vampires of Quentaris
Cover © Jeremy Reston
Spell of Undoing
Cover © Jeremy Maitland-Smith, design © Grant Gittus
Cover © Cathy Larsen
TRust Me
Cover design © Grant Gittus.
Paul and Isobelle Carmody chat with students at Kirwan State High during a joint fantasy workshop.
Children's writer Meredith Costain, Paul and their wonderdogs Molly and Jack appeared on the ABC's show Creature Features on 5 June 06. Click here for more information, and images from the show.