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by Paul Collins

Calloway has followed the script thus far. But that’s all there is. From here on in, it’s anyone’s game in accordance with the players’ contracts. There are three terminals up there signed on to take their chances against Rhinestone’s leading splattie star. Calloway knows these men are the crème de la crème of their ilk. They have outlasted their colleagues during the making of The Wired Kid, and, in more than one instance, been the cause of their termination. Killers who have no thought for others, men not motivated by greed and who have no interest in the ‘payout’ Rhinestone guarantees them should they survive their encounter with Calloway…


Paul Collins has successfully created an apocalyptic action-packed nightmare, escalating some of our worst present day fears into the not so distant future.

Cyberskin is strangely compelling and enjoyable contemporary science fiction, built around an off-kilter view of a world we may already inhabit.

… Paul Collins deserves the title of ‘Father of Contemporary Australian Genre Fiction … Cyberskin has a wicked satirical setting … it’s a blazingly-paced techno-noir adventure.

Action-packed, hard-edged and exciting, this is Travis McGee in cyberspace all the way.

It’s got it all. Good plot, interesting characters and a morbidly fascinating setting. I’d certainly recommend it.

Cyberskin is way cool: this is cyber-streetsmart fiction that zooms along at the speed of light. This is tough, incisive thriller fiction.

Paul Collins’ Cyberskin makes Bladerunner seem positively emaciated. Hard driving cyberpunk novel with a film noir backdrop.

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