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Book 1 in The Jelindel Chronicles


An all-powerful, enchanted mailshirt from the stars.
Six links are missing.
An orphan, a streetwise urchin and a swordsman must find the links before the greatest evil known descends upon Q’zar.

Jelindel dek Mediesar led a charmed life until lindrak assassins murdered her family. Fleeing to the markets Jelindel dresses as a boy to avoid detection. Here she teams up with Zimak, a street-wise urchin, and Daretor, a warrior on a quest to destroy an alien artifact.

Murder, betrayal and deceit are just some of the hurdles they must face in order to find the missing links from a star-dwellers’ mailshirt — six powerful links, whose individual powers are nothing compared with that of the complete mailshirt.


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