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James Gong: The Big Hit

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James Gong is training for his black belt in taekwondo. One night a camera crew from Hollywood Productions turns up at training for an episode of My Life, only to see James at his most ornery aggressiveness.

They love James’ jumping spinning sidekick, and decide to star him in a small budget flick. Trouble is, Hollywood Productions is a scam company that basically produces B-grade ‘loser’ movies to offset huge tax bills.

Meanwhile, James, who likes his sister Caitlin’s best friend, Amber, thinks his sudden film career will curry favour. Not so. If anything, Amber shuns him even more. Hollywood Productions may want to lose money, but they underestimate their star.

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2 reviews for James Gong: The Big Hit

  1. Moriah Bozzelli

    I absolutely recommend this book for all young readers.
    This book, James Gong: The Big Hit tells a fun adventure story about a young boy who unexpectedly becomes a child film star when a video of his moves in Taekwondo is found by a Hollywood producer. James is immediately taken with the idea of becoming the next Bruce Lee, and expects that his new-found fame will help him attract the love of his life, the nasty but stunningly gorgeous Amber. However, James soon learns the hard way that people are often untrustworthy, and ultimately only his own childlike imagination can defeat the dastardly villains and save the day. Along the way, he learns valuable lessons about himself and those around him, and by the end of the story has undergone a massive character development for the better. This story is interwoven with Taekwondo, however it is easy to understand regardless of how much knowledge the reader has of this martial art. James is a relatable and compelling narrtor for children, and his perspective is entertaining to read.

  2. Marian Lim

    James Gong – the big hit is a must read for young readers, particularly those with a passion for action and adventure.

    James is a young boy who, he would grudgingly say, is perfectly content with staying out of the spotlight, having two best friends, and harbouring a crush on his sister’s beautiful but best friend, Amber. However, that all changes when his taekwondo moves attract the attention of a Hollywood director, who wants him to star in an original production. James immediately jumps to accept, the possibility of fame and Hollywood limousines and finally being someone his crush can idolise too good to pass up.

    However, some things are too good to be true, and he soon realises that not everything—or everyone— is as simple as it seems. Towards the end of the book, James starts to see his journey in a different light and learns many valuable lessons as well as discovers things about himself and his friends he would have never known.

    Despite being a story about taekwondo, there is no required knowledge of martial arts for readers to be able to understand and enjoy the book. Perfectly balanced with the often mischievous and frankly crazy things children get up to, and hilarious, engaging dialogue, this story is fast paced, filled with action, and nothing less than entertaining. Action scenes are so well-written and described that it feels like we have been pulled into the book and are witnessing James in real life. Combined with the flurry of activities and chaos James is constantly involved in, this book is a whirlwind of adventure and delight.

    However, it is not without its introspective and heart-touching moments, seen through James’s compelling narrative, which is what truly makes James Gong—the big hit stand out. So, if you are looking for a fun, interesting and engaging read, look no further.

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