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The Government in Exile


Paul Collins presents here, for the first time, a volume of his own work. Long established as an author, editor and publisher at Ford Street Publishing, this collection of seventeen stories provides a comprehensive overview of the work of one of Australia’s most published science fiction and fantasy figures.


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Sumeria Press

Praise for The Government in Exile

This is largely what SF is all about: presenting plausible themes to suggest that things such as invisibility, Jekyll & Hyde potions, creation of Frankenstein monsters, the rebirth of dinosaurs, et al, might be possible. SF is an explorative genre, and here Paul Collins explores

These stories may begin softly-softly but they carry a sting in the tail.

Australia is not the science fiction capital of the world; in fact we are probably not even on the map. This unfortunate fact would change if we could produce more writers like Paul Collins


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