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New fantasy series, The Warlock’s Child


Paul and Sean McMullen have an exciting fantasy series out called The Warlock’s Child! We’ve had some great reviews. Read samples here, here, and here. Also look at Goodreads and any online booksellers’ web pages for great reviews.

Paul has also been busy publishing other authors’ and illustrators’ books. Go to www.fordstreetpublishing.com for all the latest books he has published at Ford Street Publishing. If you want Paul or another author/illustrator go to your school, library or festival, see availability at www.creativenetspeakers.com. This agency doesn’t charge a booking fee!

Paul has been booked to appear at the Tamar Valley Writers’ Festival (Tasmania) in September. He will also be running another Keeping Books Alive in November.

Paul’s latest work is Harry Kruize, Born to Lose. If you love Henry Lawson’s short stories, you will love this book.

Books are available within Australia via the shopping cart.

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